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As part of our “Africa for Africa” strategy, and in line with ensuring equitable access to quality medication, Cipla is expanding its footprint into Ghana.

We’re bringing innovative therapies into Ghana and ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare. Our therapeutic portfolio focuses on respiratory, gastro, cardiovascular/ diabetes management, pain/colds/flu and anti-infectives.

Corrective surgery for a cleft lip or palate can change someone’s life

Children born with a cleft lip or palate risk dying of malnutrition unless they get corrective surgery

Caring for People

Approximately one in every 1000 babies in African is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. In Ghana specifically, it is estimated that one in every 760 children are born with a cleft condition.

One in 10 children born with a cleft will die before their first birthday. Those that survive struggle with speech difficulties, are often malnourished and are frequently ostracised because of their appearance.

For these children, a relatively quick, simple operation results in a life-changing smile. The Cipla Foundation initiative, Miles for Smiles, through Operation Smile strives to ensure that every child with a cleft lip or palate has access to this level of surgical care.

During the fiscal year ending June 2024, Operation Smile in Ghana plans to provide surgical care to about 410 patients. We look forward to working together to make a life-changing difference and bring more smiles to Ghana.

Caring for Planet

At Cipla, our ethos of “Caring for Life” extends to caring for people and caring for our planet.

Therefore, we’re implanting sustainable practices and responsible resource consumption, in line with our mission to enhance access to qualify, affordable medicines globally.

Our approach to responsible resource consumption, efforts to enhance access and affordability of medicines worldwide and strong financial growth, provide a robust foundation to build a responsible business.

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