Are your kids ready for school?

Are your kids ready for school?

It’s that time of year again for all our little ones to return to school. It’s been both fun and tiring having them at home; a long summer spent keeping them busy and out of mischief! So now that the school uniforms have been dusted off and ironed, negotiations about bed times have been made, it’s just those little extras that requires attention.

We’ve compiled a list of all your must haves to ensure that the year ahead is a stress free one for you, the parent!

  • A lunchbox or lunchbag – To stock a balanced and nutritious lunch, not forgetting yummy snacks!
  • Plastic pocket files – For all their works of art that need to be filed neatly
  • Bulk packets of hand wipes and pocket tissues – For a quick antibacterial clean before lunch time!

Now for those additional treats, consider:

  • Airmune Zoo Chews Complete: An immune system supporter with herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. This looks after their whole body from eyes to strong bones and teeth. They come in fun animal shapes and are quite tasty too!
  • Entiro: We can’t always watch what they eat when they’re out of sight, but we can look after their guts and ensure good digestive health with this daily probiotic.

For those with medical conditions, consider:

  • Asthavent Eco Inhaler: Asthma doesn’t have to mean no running around and joining in on the fun! This metered dosage inhaler for kids with asthma takes care of uncomfortable shortness of breath and coughing.
  • Flomist: A runny nose can be awkward and this nasal spray will keep the sneeze at bay.
  • Shweet: An aspartame-free sweetener that is suitable for diabetics and to avoid more sugar intake. It can be used to sweeten up that ice tea or can be used for baking too!
  • Cipex: Worms are a very real issue in younger children and it is recommended to use a dewormer every three months from the age of five, and twice a year in older children. This pleasant tasting dewormer is sure to get the job done.

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