Back To School. Back To Reality.

Back To School. Back To Reality.

Your child enters his third year of school, the jersey has been lost and the shoes laces eaten by the dog. You forgot one thing on the stationery list and you realise you have zero time or capacity to get the item. Your child is stressing because the teacher says they have to have all their books and stationery with them the first day of school and you want to rock the system and shout that all teachers are irritating and there is no way they can check everyone’s stuff the first day and SURELY you can get away with one uncovered book for a few days.

But NO, the stress is relentless. Back to making lunches, finding the missing sock, the lost shoe, marking all the books and silently you start dreaming longingly about the next set of holidays and wish that it was the end of March already.

For the times when stress is building up and you feel yourself becoming tense, remind yourself to practise deep breathing and have some time out for yourself as options to relieve the feelings of anxiousness. Having Relicalm available is also a great solution. Relicalm tablets can be taken when you feel like the world is moving too fast and you cannot catch up. After 30 minutes you feel the effects of Relicalm, helping you quickly achieve a feeling of calm, clear control where you can go about your daily chores without feeling tired as Relicalm does not cause sedation. Relicalm is a wonderful, easy to obtain, product available at any pharmacy across South Africa without a prescription and comes in handy packs of 4, 20 or 40 tablets. Relicalm contains the major amino acid found in green tea, l-theanine and is not known to interact with medications and no side effects have been reported.

So as the first term of school swings around, know that you can find a place of calm in all the chaos with Relicalm.

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