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The first 2000 days of a child’s life – the time during which their ability to learn, grow, develop and thrive – can be profoundly affected by the quality of the care, nutrition and education they receive. Ajuga provides high-quality infrastructure to create an environment that addresses these needs. Through partnerships with non-profit organisations, the necessary training and support for teaching staff ensures that children are well developed in social, cognitive and motor skills.

Children who get a “Healthy Start to Life” in the 1st 2000 days and beyond are:

10 times more likely to overcome life threatening childhood diseases

More likely to complete nearly five more grades in school

More likely to go on to earn 21% more in wages as adults

More likely to have healthier families of their own

At Ajuga, children learn and play in a safe, fun environment. They receive two meals daily and are nurtured by well-trained teachers, all of which ensures these children’s well-being.

More than 7 million children need access to early childhood development education

In some circumstances, it’s just tougher to meet children’s basic needs

Our children deserve a better future

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