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About the campaign

Education has the potential to change lives, but you can’t teach a hungry child. According to the National Income Dynamics Study, during April and May 2021, respondents in 2.3 million households report child hunger. Therefore, as part of focusing on children’s holistic well-being to improve their education, Ajuga is launching the Nourish to Flourish campaign.

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We’re challenging CEOs and other well-known personalities to a charity cook off.

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We’re hoping that this challenge can help to make a profound difference in the lives of so many children!

How the cook-off will work.

  • Each participant will cook a meal for 15 children
  • The children will vote for their favourite dish
  • The losing participant pays a penalty amounting to the cost of a new kitchen for an early childhood development centre
  • The participants then need to nominate or challenge one of your peers to participate in the next cook off