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For many people living in peri-urban and rural areas, access to quality primary healthcare services poses a significant challenge. Over-burdened State medical facilities are often congested, resulting in long waiting times for patients.

Our solution? Sha’p Left. A patient-centred, cost-aware, nurse-driven primary healthcare service in the heart of communities.

Operate a Nurse Surgery

We provide infrastructure, systems and support to highly-qualified Sha’p Left nurses to enable them to deliver accessible, quality, affordable care in a dignified setting.

Everyone has the right to access quality healthcare

There’s an easier way to collect your chronic medicine

See how our Sha’p Left units are produced

Nurse Surgeries

We know how valuable your time is. That’s why our Sha’p Left project is focused on convenient access to quality, primary healthcare in your community.


Daplapmeds is a chronic medicine pick-up point, and aims to decongest States facilities through the decanting of stable patients.