Cipla aids SA’s preterm infants with launch of respiratory medication

Cipla aids SA’s preterm infants with launch of respiratory medication

Medpro Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd – a subsidiary company of Cipla Medpro, today announced the launch of an originator bovine surfactant intended to assist the respiratory activity in premature infants; thereby pioneering its journey into the hospital care sector of South Africa.


This is according to Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla, who says that the launch of this new surfactant will provide another alternative to doctors in neonatal units. “The product is manufactured in Canada, where it was introduced to the market in 2002 and where it has since become the leading surfactant nationally. It has also been marketed and distributed by Cipla India for 3 years.”


Miller points to a 2012 study by the UN organisation Every Woman Every Child, which found that more than 8 out of 100 babies are premature, ranking South Africa 24th globally for the number of deaths due to complications resulting from premature births. The bodily systems of these premature new-borns are not fully developed and in many cases immature lungs can threaten the infant’s survival if they cannot access treatment within 30 minutes of birth, according to British Columbia Reproductive Care Program.


Miller adds that the launch of this new surfactant is a great achievement for Cipla, as the product brings several advantages with it. First of all, due to its low viscosity, the product is easier to administer than some other large volume surfactants with a higher viscosity. The product also comes with a substantial cost-saving when the cost of an initial dose for a 1000 g baby is compared to that of the SA market leader. “Dealing with a preterm infant is difficult enough for mothers and families – with the launch of this surfactant in South Africa we hope to broaden access to affordable treatment for premature infants.”


This launch further marks the organisation’s initiation into the hospital environment of South Africa. “Cipla has a longstanding relationship with government and has provided medication in several areas including Oncology, Mental Health, Cardiovascular, Women’s Health and Antiretroviral Drugs (ARV). We are excited to make our affordable product range available throughout the public and private hospital sector thereby holding true to our ethos of advancing health care for all.”


“Cipla is pleased to be entering the hospital sector with a tried and trusted surfactant that has the potential to save many young lives,” concludes Miller.


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