Cipla are doing their part for South Africa’s people

Cipla are doing their part for South Africa’s people

Cipla have embarked on numerous Corporate Social Investment initiatives (CSIs) via the Cipla Foundation, and are giving back to communities in ways that benefit the people of South Africa at grassroots level, from building fire-resistant homes and fighting breast cancer, to repairing cleft palates.

Ajuga – Bridging the divide

With South Africa suffering our worst drought in more than 30 years, the threat of fire, both natural and urban, is very real, and Ajuga hopes to help save lives and homes, if and when disaster strikes.

The Cipla Foundation initiative, founded in 2012 after an aggressive spate of shack fires, builds hardy, affordable, fire-resistant structures to be used as creches, community centres, and small homes in informal settlements.

The Ajuga structure is made up of a patented steel structure and fire retardant panels. These panels have a sandwhich construction with an inner core of a Vermiculite mix and a skin of Chromadeck steel. The steel has been fire-tested to 1000 degrees.

There are many ways to get involved with Ajuga, at either a corporate or individual level, with the most obvious being donation towards the cost of the structures. Go here for more details.

Miles for Smiles

With 1 in 1000 children in South Africa born with a cleft lip or palate, Miles for Smiles, in association with Operation Smile South Africa, has become a well-known name in giving kids a happy future.

The operation to fix a cleft lip, often done pro bono by volunteer doctors at Operation Smile and similar organisations, usually takes 45 minutes, but like many medical procedures, is costly.

Miles for Smiles raises awareness and funds for Operation Smile, by sending teams or individuals on marathon adventure runs, treks across The Great Wall of China, Iceland, and Africa, with the aim of raising funds via donations.

You can make a difference by donating to one or more projects on the go at Miles for Smiles. Go here for more details.

Owethu – Our health. Our life.

Large swathes of South Africa are devoid of primary medical care, either due to distance or funding. Cipla’s Owethu initiative aims to change that, and put doctors in areas where they’re most needed.

The main focus is on farming communities, where as many as 20 farms could be served by just one medical professional. Cipla’s aim is to build clinics in those areas, and help get the right NGOs and doctors to work there.

This connects to Cipla’s more traditional area of expertise, and with the big name comes big influence. Owethu works with the government to identify and help the most needy communities of sometimes up to 3000 people.

This is a big opportunity for you to volunteer actual time, if you don’t have the money, as social workers, nurses, doctors and administrators are always needed.

Go here to see more about volunteering, or to donate towards the building of clinics.

Pink Drive – It’s moving!

Cipla also partners with other initiatives that make a difference in the healthcare sphere, such as the Pink Drive. Female employees of Cipla were recently invited to attend a Pink Drive workshop, to drum up awareness for the early detection of breast cancer.

Cipla has worked with the Pink Drive for years, and this was a perfect way for 60 women to learn about this disease, and how to detect and treat it.

You make it possible

None of the above would be possible without our dedicated workers, both paid and voluntary, who work so hard for their various projects, as well as sponsors and donors, big and small.

The Cipla Foundation thanks you!


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