Cipla launches SA’s first fully-serviced primary healthcare modular medical clinic

Cipla launches SA’s first fully-serviced primary healthcare modular medical clinic

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South Africa’s first fully-serviced modular medical clinic officially opened its doors at Villiera wine farm in Stellenbosch this week.

This clinic will provide much-needed support to the local farming community, with accessible and affordable primary healthcare. This concept is the brainchild of adventurer and chef David Grier, who is the managing trustee of The Cipla Foundation. The clinic has been in development for four years. The Cipla Foundation is the social enterprise division of leading pharmaceutical company Cipla Medpro.

Grier says that this first-of-its-kind initiative will provide South African communities with access to quality medical and dental care and in some cases, oncology treatment as well as basic healthcare education.

“Owethu, meaning ‘ours’, allows us to address ‘our health, our life’, and is dedicated to assisting and improving the delivery and access of primary healthcare in communities, and by doing so, lessening the burden on South Africa’s public healthcare system.

“The clinic is made of modular pods and can be deployed anywhere. This is a breakthrough in the development of sustainable healthcare solutions to communities in need, especially as its scale and state-of-the-art facilities have been developed with community healthcare in mind. The clinic has been developed in a manner allowing the pods to be re-deployed within a community should this be needed.”

This project is being launched in partnership with NGO The Pebbles Project. The cost of the clinic’s development is R2,2 million, with the funding model making provision for corporations to subsidise the medical costs of their staff.

Grier explains that all medical treatment will be affordable for those in the communities and cost less than that of private healthcare.



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