Cipla Mad Run raises R 151 000 for more than 20 corrective surgeries

Cipla Mad Run raises R 151 000 for more than 20 corrective surgeries

The Cipla Miles for Smiles Mad Run today announced that R151 000 was raised as a result of the week long initiative, which saw seven teams run a total of 259km around Table Mountain over seven consecutive days to raise funds and awareness for the plight of children born with cleft lips and cleft palates.

This number is the total derived from participating teams with the amount for donations to still be calculated. The funds raised by participating teams have facilitated more than 20 corrective cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries and will change the lives of these young recipients forever.

This heart-warming initiative came to an end on Saturday 13 September with the celebration of the Table Mountain Crazy Run’s 10 year anniversary.

As a result of the efforts of Cipla ultra runners, David Grier and Andrew Stuart, and the seven other teams who joined them in completing the 37km run each day, the successful corrective surgery of Karli Pienaar took place on Saturday 13 September at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital. Mother of the patient Aneri Pienaar says that their entire family has been positively impacted by this happy event. “Aside from giving our Karli a new smile, Cipla Foundation and Operation Smile has given us a reason to smile.”

David Grier, Managing Trustee of Cipla Foundation says that completing the Cipla Miles for Smiles Mad Run is about greater difficulties than those faced by the athletes.

“We started out full of energy and confident of our abilities, but as it went along the reality of what lies ahead hit fast and the unrelenting pace began to take its toll as runners began to tire and injuries mounted. On the final race day we had already run nearly 250 km around Table Mountain, but what a special day this was. As we began the final day, a little girl was wheeled into surgery for her life changing operation. We knew that every difficult step we ran that day was not about us, it was about a journey bigger than us; it was the privilege of giving a child her god given right to a Smile.”

Adva Brivik, Program Coordinator at Operation Smile has extended her sincere gratitude to Cipla Foundation and says that the Pienaar family whose hearts have been collectively touched by this initiative are not alone – many more lives are being changed in Madagascar at the moment and there are many more to come.

All funds raised as part of this event goes towards the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative. Donations for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative will remain open and individuals who wish to change lives one smile at a time, as well as show their support to the runners and their remarkable feat, may contribute by visiting The Miles for Smiles website.

The Cipla Miles for Smiles Mad Run was proudly sponsored by Cipla SA, Operation Smile, Velocity, Aca Joe, Sunstar GUM, Hout Bay Dental Studio (HBDS) and Adidas.


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