Cipla Supports Your Right to Health Care

Cipla Supports Your Right to Health Care

South Africa has come a long way in providing everyone with adequate healthcare, food, water and social security, but there are many who still don’t have access to these basic rights.

As we celebrate Human Rights Day on 21 March, we’re reminded of our commitment to make the ideals enshrined in our Constitution a reality.

Cipla has – for over 80 years – been developing innovations to make the world a healthier place by making healthcare accessible and affordable to all. In 2001, realising a need for a campaign to fight HIV/AIDS, we became the first pharmaceutical company in Africa to provide triple combination anti-retrovirals (ARVs) at an affordable price. Championing affordable access to healthcare has always been at the heart of our business, as Dr. Yusuf Hamied, CEO at Cipla, explains: diseases like HIV/AIDS eat deep into our lives and spares nobody. “It transcends all nationalities, race, religion, social and political boundaries. We need the will and courage to fight this crisis with all the energy and resources at our command.”

Our solution then was to partner with the community, and it remains our approach to this day. In October 2016, we collaborated with the Department of Social Development in Mbombela to launch a fire resistant, early childhood development (ECD) campus in Kabokweni. The campus provides specialised services and facilities to 40 000 residents of the informal settlement.

Another campaign that has been dear to our hearts is making ARVs and HIV testing accessible throughout South Africa. We’ve introduced fully serviced modular clinics in communities where affordable healthcare is not available.

These Owethu clinics run in partnership with local NGOs to make sure that dental care, drug testing, deworming for children, and health and nutrition counselling is readily available in areas that were underserviced before. Nompikazi Majila, CSR Department at Cipla, said, ”when striving for equal access to medicines, healthcare and overall wellness, we ensure that the access is delivered in a dignified manner. Our infrastructure is state of the art, meaning that we have standardised the quality of clinics, ECD’s and Nurse Surgeries, making them accessible to all, irrespective of the economic status of our beneficiaries. To date, we have helped over 14 500 patients at our Stellenbosch Owethu clinic, operated by the Pebbles Project.”

With your help, we can provide a larger scale of medical and dental supplies, staffing and consultations to those in desperate need. Help make the dream of a South Africa where everyone’s rights are inalienable into reality by contributing to someone’s wellbeing. Make a donation now or chat to us about starting your own fundraising campaign.

In the interest of our patients, in accordance with SA law and our commitment to expertise, MediHub cannot subscribe to the practice of online diagnosis. Please consult a medical professional for specific medical advice. If you have any major concerns, please see your doctor for an assessment. If you have any cause for concern, your GP will be able to direct you to the appropriate specialists.

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