Community clinic opens in Pretoria East

Community clinic opens in Pretoria East

The Cipla Foundation, in partnership with Intercare, the Kungwini Welfare Organisation, and the Dutch Reformed Church of Tygerpoort, have announced the launch of the Tshwenyega Community Clinic in Tshwane which will provide primary healthcare services to the people of Kungwini and the Pretoria East region.

Kungwini residents now have easier access to basic healthcare services where previously they would have far to travel, endure hopelessly long waits, and have no guarantee of even being seen to by a medical professional.

Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla Medpro, said this new facility includes an eyecare facility, as well as the first Sha’p Left primary healthcare clinic to be opened in the Tshwane region. Miller adds that Tshwenyega is also in the process of attaining permission to set up a Central Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) pick-up point on site. “By deploying these essential healthcare services near underserviced communities, we are working to ensure that all South Africans receive much better access to healthcare wherever they are.”

Intercare Chief Executive, Dr Hendrik Hanekom says there was a very desperate need for healthcare in this community. “It was therefore a natural choice to establish a clinic with the Dutch Reformed Church of Tygerpoort, and Cipla in the Kungwini community, combining both professional staff and innovative technology.”

Tshwenyega Community Clinic, meaning “to care when someone suffers”, was the dream of four dedicated nurses at Kungwini Welfare Organisation.

Sha’p Left is a patient-centred, population-focused, cost-aware, primary healthcare service, managed as a business by highly qualified and experienced Sha’p Left nurses. Sha’p Left’s clinical nurse practitioner, Sister Shoni Ngobeni, will manage this primary healthcare facility. The clinic offers general consultations for adults and children, follow-ups, and minor services such as the removal of stiches. The clinic also offers preventative healthcare in the form of free breast examinations, family planning, and HIV and glucose testing.

According to Sister Ngobeni, this community has been in dire need for basic healthcare services for a long time. “Unemployment is high and many of them have been displaced. Yet no matter what happens, they remain hopeful for a better tomorrow, and we wanted to give them a better future today.”

She adds that she is thankful to Tshwenyega for enabling her to take ownership of the new Sha’p Left clinic. “Starting something like this on your own is extremely difficult and getting funding and technical assistance to set up this facility is just incredible. Intercare has also done amazing work in helping to market the new clinic and get the message out to the community. I look forward to making a real difference in the community in the years to come,” Sister Ngobeni says.

Corli De Vries, , Operational Manager of Tshwenyega comments that the local community has been immensely supportive from the start of this project. “We are very excited about this project and the opportunity we have been afforded to improve the quality of life for so many people in the local community. It is also the first initiative of its kind that Intercare has been involved in and we firmly believe it’s the start of even greater things in the future,” she says.

“We are particularly proud of this new facility, as well as the partnerships that we have cemented along the way. It is the latest in our ongoing efforts to make healthcare accessible to all South Africans in keeping with our ethos of Caring for Life,” Miller concludes.

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