How Cipla made ARV’s affordable

How Cipla made ARV’s affordable

Cipla prides itself on being able to provide affordable antiretroviral (ARV) medication to HIV/AIDS patients, as pioneered by Dr Yusuf Hamied. Dr Hamied, a scientist and chairman of Cipla, is considered one of the key drivers of affordable generic medication. In 2001, when ARV medication was beyond the price range of most people, Dr Hamied endeavoured to make this vital medication affordable to all.

He pushed the price of ARV medications down to an affordable $1 a day, thus making them accessible to all those who needed the drugs but had previously not been able to afford them. HIV/AIDS has never been picky about who it affects, and has impacted people from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Cipla was also the pharmaceutical company to make the world’s first 3-in-1 combination ARV treatment containing lamivudine, stavudine and nevirapine available. The company was proud to win a portion of the government ARV Tender worth R2 billion in 2014 and happy to have been recognised as the preferred partner in the active fight against the virus.

Alongside government in their fight against HIV/AIDS, major steps have been taken by Cipla. Over the last while, the company has invested more than R446 million in the local ARV manufacturing facility in order to produce sufficient amounts of treatment to assist those infected. The number of those affected increases daily, and providing access to treatment is one of Cipla’s most important ambitions.

With an estimated 6.4 million of the adult population of South Africa infected by the virus, Cipla, in conjunction with the government and healthcare professionals, remains committed to moving forward and increasing awareness, promoting prevention and providing treatment for HIV/AIDS.

“We will keep providing these affordable combinations commensurate with our ethos that none shall be denied,” says Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla South Africa. He also added that the company planned to continue the proud tradition and build on the foundation that was set by Chairman, Dr Yusuf Hamied, in advancing healthcare for all.


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