Ladies, it’s time use your powers of persuasion

Ladies, it’s time use your powers of persuasion

Have you tried getting your man to go and see a doctor about that skin rash, or his chronic nasal congestion, or his sore back? How about persuading him to get a flu injection?

Not easy, is it? Especially the flu jab. Do guys actually like having man-flu?

The fact is, many guys are stubborn about getting medical help for a problem unless it’s really serious. (You know, like a broken leg, or a shark bite.)

Guys often ignore the day-to-day symptoms, the ordinary aches and pains, the ones they can ‘live with.’ Perhaps they’re trying to look tough. Perhaps they’re reluctant to listen to a lifestyle ‘lecture’ from a doctor. Whatever the reason, it’s also true that we women, thanks to our powerful persuasion techniques, are really good at getting our guys to do things.

If we can persuade them to fix a broken tap, take a dance class with us or finally get rid of all the junk in the storeroom, then we CAN persuade them to see a doctor for the sake of their health. All they need is a push from us.

It’s November, and that means testicular and prostate cancer are in the spotlight.
It’s #PinkForBlue at Cipla, and we’re talking to all you persuasive women who care about the men in their lives

Now’s the time to get your man – or your brother, dad or friend – to take charge of his health. Go to Prostate & Testicular cancer
to find out more about the symptoms of testicular and prostate cancer, and then make sure he gets educated too.

Remember that testicular cancer tends to affect younger men in the 20 – 30 age group, while prostate cancer is more prevalent in the over-45 age group. The good news is both are treatable and, especially if detected early, survival is more likely.

Doctors encourage all men over 45 to have regular prostate screenings, while a testicular examination is something that a man can do himself.

So do it! Get your guy to have a prostate examination, and you’ll earn your CIPLA #PinkForBlue moustache.

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