Medical Disaster Relief Unit Deployed to Hout Bay to Assist Fire Victims

Medical Disaster Relief Unit Deployed to Hout Bay to Assist Fire Victims

Over the past weekend, an estimated 15 000 people were left homeless after a fire ravaged Mandela Park Hout Bay which left the community traumatised and in desperate need of support. The Cipla Foundation will be deploy a disaster relief medical unit to provide assistance to the affected community.

The Cipla Foundation, guided by the Western Cape Department of Health and local community leadership, will locate a temporary facility in the community to help alleviate the administrative task of replacing the victims’ documents needed to access vital medication and necessary healthcare services.

The Western Cape Health MEC, Prof Nomafrench Mbombo, together with the Cipla Foundation visited the affected area in Hout Bay this morning to address the community and assess the situation.

Paul Miller, Cipla Medro South Africa CEO, pointed out that due to this massive disaster, many residents have lost important medical documents such as Road to Health booklets and Clinic Cards and are now facing the struggle of getting back into the health system.

Consequently, some of these residents are now not able to get their much needed regular chronic medication for treatment of HIV, TB and other chronic conditions. The community leaders also advised that patients’ chronic medicine were destroyed in the fire and they therefore need their medicine to be re-issued.

Following consultation with all stakeholders, this initiative will assist with re-connecting displaced people back into the established healthcare system. The Cipla Foundation will provide a temporary facility and nursing staff to service the initiative under the guidance of the Western Cape Department of Health,” says Miller.

We are confident that this Cipla Foundation disaster relief medical unit will provide some assistance needed during this difficult time to help the fire victims to regain access to quality healthcare as soon as possible, he concludes.

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