Colds and Flu? Ain’t nobody got time for that

Colds and Flu? Ain’t nobody got time for that

You are on the go 24/7 and you’re always where the action is. There’s just no space in your diary for colds and flu. Ever.

You want to be where things are happening, whether in the boardroom, the dinner party of the year or the sports field. There’s nothing worse than having your assistant read out the winning presentation you worked on for months, or sitting on the side lines while someone else scores the winning goal.

And you want to be remembered as the sparkling conversationalist around the dinner table, not the one who sneezed all evening and went home early. The limelight likes you, and for a good reason.

You lead from the front, and you’re ahead of the game in just about all aspects of your life. And you would not want things any other way, not because you have a fear of missing out, but just because you like being where everything is happening. And that’s how others see you too.

In your life there’s just no time for sick leave, a duvet day, and taking rain checks on important meetings and get-togethers.

You plan everything ahead: your winter wardrobe, the holidays, your social life, family outings, your finances. There’s no reason why any of these should be interrupted or derailed by an inconvenient bout of flu or a nasty cold.

Airmune might be a solution to keep you going at full tilt through the winter cold and flu season. This effervescent is one of South Africa’s favourite immune system supporters and it contains an effective blend of 17 ingredients which will help you never miss a beat.

And now you have to run – the game won’t start without you.

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