Dummies Guide to CLA

Dummies Guide to CLA

Fat to reduce fat, you say?

This sounds like a con. But can it work? Can you take a supplement of healthy fats and oils in order to lose the extra weight on your body? Well, actually you can. Healthy fats help our bodies lose weight, not gain it. Using the right kind of good fats, like those found in salmon or avocado is actually good for you. Alternatively, you could use a supplement and with a good exercise routine and meal plan, you could definitely lose those extra centimetres.

So, what is CLA and what is it used for?

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is a naturally occurring fat found in grass-fed beef and some dairy products. It is a member of the Omega 6 fatty acids and has great benefits for weight management. These fats are not solely made by our bodies and so need to be supplemented by eating specific foods or taking a supplement. CLA increases the metabolism of the body and so, burns fat and releases energy. It is best used in conjunction with physical training.

This is what you can expect when using a CLA:

Increases metabolism:

The key to weight loss is to burn fat. But how? By heating up your blood, through acceleration, fat gets burnt faster. Your heart rate increases, you sweat a bit more and your energy levels go up. CLA doesn’t necessarily burn fat, but by heating your body up and speeding your metabolism up, the result is a loss in fatty cells.

Enhances muscle growth:

As CLA is known to decrease body fat percentage, it has another excellent result: it increases muscle growth. When body fat percentage decreases, excess fat is then used and stored as muscle. Did someone say ‘toned’?

Transforms body fat to energy:

Fatty cells are stored and used as energy mobilised areas of stored fat. This process uses up the stored fat as energy.

Cipla’s brand of CLA supports a healthy way to lose those extra centimetres and in turn, helps your body tone up when used in conjunction with body weight training. Tonalin® CLA 1000 is made from safflower oil and is a mixture of the cis-9, trans–11, trans–10 and cis-12 isomers. It contains a high concentration (> 78 %) of the polyunsaturated fatty acid CLA, with the remaining fatty acids being those naturally found in safflower oil.

Tonalin® CLA 1000 supports:
– weight management
– lean body mass
– transformation of stored fat to energy


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