Happy holidays – but keep pet safety in mind

Happy holidays – but keep pet safety in mind

The holiday season may be one of the world’s great ironies. After all, it’s billed as a time to escape the stress of the rest of the year, yet can often end up being an incredibly stressful period. That’s true for animals as well as humans. Pet owners could tell you stories.

Fortunately, there are ways of managing your pet’s anxiety levels during the holidays, meaning the entire family may get a chance to unwind.

Trouble brewing

What about the holidays gets your pets in a panic? Well, let’s go through a short list of things, beginning with fireworks during celebrations such as Diwali, Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve.

First off, it’s natural for pets to fear loud noises as they trigger their nervous systems. When that happens, animals become anxious and, as a consequence of their survival instincts kicking in, run away from the cause of their anxiety. Unsurprisingly, more pets in the US run away during the Fourth of July celebrations than on any other day.

Beyond that, animals have very keen hearing, so loud noises may cause actual pain in their ears .

Pets can also be highly sensitive to changes in their environment and routines. Of course, the holidays can be especially stressful for pets as they’re all about these sorts of changes. Owners take time off from work, guests are in and out of the house, and pets may have to travel. Puppies and kittens may also find themselves moving in with new ‘parents’ if they’re given as gifts.

How to help

Using a product from Cipla Vet’s Calmeze range is a way to help your pets manage anxiety. http://ciplavet.co.za/products/calmeze-range


  • They encourage relaxation
  • They reduce stress and anxiety
  • They stimulate confidence, as well as a sense of well-being

Fireworks: What else can you do?

If you’re going to be home with the action going on around you and your pets, some of these tips may help.

  • Walk your dog in the hours leading up to the fireworks going off. Get rid of some of that nervous energy .
  • You also want to keep your pets inside with all doors, windows and curtains closed . But just in case, make sure they’re wearing easily readable identification .
  • Above all, try to make your pets feel safe. Prepare a ‘den’ they can escape to if they need to hide. It could be some space padded out with some of your old clothes, like a corner or, perhaps, under your bed. And stay with them. Act calmly, stroke them, cuddle them, but let them hide under your bed if that’s what they want .


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