Keeping your intestines healthy

Keeping your intestines healthy

Your digestive system is key to a sound body and mind. If your intestines are not happy, chances are you’re not feeling great in general. Common causes of an unhealthy gut are poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive drinking, a poor diet and stress.

The percentage of human to bacteria cells in the body are 1:10. That should give you some idea as to how important it is to care for your gut. Whereas a good diet is ideal for the body, you can easily supplement it with a probiotic too.

Antibiotics have been called ‘miracle workers’ as they help the body to fight off infection and illness. However, many medical problems have come to light as antibiotics kill good bacteria and allow for ‘bad’ bacteria to stay alive in their presence. Thus the need for a probiotic arose to balance out the gut flora (good and bad bacteria) produced in our intestines.

Fermented foods are one way to get our daily dose of probiotics. Foods such as fermented milks, buttermilk, yogurt, Japanese miso paste, Korean kimchi and sauerkraut are an excellent way to get the good bacteria into your body via foods. An easier and more effective way would be through the daily use of a probiotic. The improvement of intestinal health has been attributed to the use of probiotics, as well as enhancement of the immune response, the reduction of cholesterol, and cancer prevention.

Diarrhoea and other IBS issues affect many of us, often brought on by the course of a antibiotic used to clear up a different qualm. Taking a probiotic can assist in securing the health of your gut by aiding in the natural occurrence of gut flora.

Entiro is a probiotic that caters to your whole gut. It binds, lines and protects the entire gut area by maintaining and balancing intestinal flora. Research has shown that an effective probiotic requires 100 million colony forming unite (CFU’s) to maintain a healthy intestine area, one capsule of Entiro contains up to 200 million CFU’s, which is twice the amount required.

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