Stress – How am I supposed to cope?

Stress – How am I supposed to cope?

While pondering the above question, a quick survey amongst friends suggested, jokingly (we think…) ‘Alcohol. And…wine.’ While these may be common, yet mistaken, cures for stress, there are some real ones too.

Whether your stress is manageable, like a new project at work, or severe, like a long-term illness, there are ways and tips to cope a bit better, from natural positivity to medical intervention.

  • Get away from the stressor. It sounds simple, but taking a break from whatever the problem is will allow you to gain some perspective, and recharge the batteries. Go to gym during your lunch break, go for a walk on the beach, go watch a funny movie.
  • Make a priority list. Sometimes, especially at work, we get super stressed just thinking about a new task. It seems too big to manage. So break it down into pieces and, like a recipe, work methodically. You can’t bake a cake without the batter, there’s no point in making the icing first.
  • Exercise. While this will get you away from your troubles, staying fit also promotes healthy chemicals in the body. Endorphins are released when you work out even slightly strenuously, and the chemicals reduce stress and also relieve pain. They also help you sleep better.
  • Be social. While the ‘drink wine’ bit may have been a joke, it does have some value in moderation. See some friends in a social setting, go dancing, or go for lunch at mom’s house. Talk about everything and anything other than the thing you’re worried about, even for an hour or two.
  • Put the gadgets away. As a whole, we tend to stay connected to technology even when we’re spending time with family and friends. Get rid of the phones, tablets, laptops when out and about, and focus on the people you’re with. If out to dinner with mates, play Phone Roulette: The first person to touch their phone (unless it’s a real emergency) pays the whole bill.
  • Have a spa day. This is an indulgence, to be sure, but going for a massage and being pampered can make you feel loads better. All those oils and whale sounds, and cucumbery water, will make you feel like you’re in a bubble of calm.


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