Want more love? Love yourself more.

Want more love? Love yourself more.

The love we give ourselves can make such a difference to our happiness.

“Ugh, I hate myself!” How many times do you hear yourself say that when you’ve messed up in any way, from eating junk food to sleeping all morning on a weekend or scraping the car?

We seem to be good at loving and forgiving others, but bad at self-love. Don’t confuse that with the narcissistic, egotistical kind of love. Self-love is about caring for yourself, your wellbeing and happiness.

So here are some tips for showing yourself some love.

Tell yourself something positive every day, to remind yourself of what’s good about you. Pay yourself more compliments!

Limit your self-criticism. Don’t beat yourself up over every small mistake. Learn to forgive yourself, and learn from the mistake.

Don’t believe the glossy magazines. No one’s perfect. Those perfect abs and curves are cunningly Photoshop skills, okay? So realize that there isn’t one definition of beauty.

Show respect and love to people around you. It will make you feel better about yourself, and that’s a big step towards loving yourself.

You don’t have to please everyone to be liked. So don’t be afraid to say no. You’re allowed to choose, so make good choices that are right for you.

Ask for help and support when you have problems. It can strengthen relationships with the people you’re close to, as well as build your morale.

Be kind to your body. Keep it active, feed it sensibly, treat it occasionally, and avoid addictive substances and behaviour.

Don’t expect to be happy every day. Life isn’t perfect, and no one is always happy, in spite of what you see on social media.

End toxic relationships and spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself – spread the love!

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