What is an ideal probiotic?

What is an ideal probiotic?

If you’re in the market for a probiotic, you’ll probably find that choosing the right one can be tricky, given the large number of options out there. You need to get your head around how products can differ, though, because not all probiotics are created equally.

Are more strains really better?

The perception among some doctors and consumers is that it’s better for a probiotic to have more strains. Professor Leon Dicks, who developed Entiro, disagrees. Actually, having many strains is not scientifically sound, as the various strains would compete with each other for binding sites in the gastrointestinal tract.

Why Entiro?

The benefit of using Entiro is that it’s been developed to line, bind and protect the entire gut, thereby maintaining and balancing intestinal flora.

Each Entiro capsule also contains at least 200 million colony-forming units (CFUs). Research has shown that an effective probiotic preparation needs to contain a minimum of 100 million CFUs, meaning Entiro has twice the required amount.

For more information on Entiro, please visit http://www.entiro.co.za/


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