Winter Preparation

Winter Preparation

With the thought that very soon we will be entering winter, it’s hard to believe that once again we will be besieged by cold and flu viruses. Now in warm weather, it’s even harder to imagine the cold weather and wrapping up to stay warm. No one really wants to start planning for, or thinking about winter illnesses however, the fact remains our immune system needs to be supported all year round.

A well immune system is vital for defence against various diseases and conditions, as it is the natural resistance of the human body to infectious microorganisms. Many factors such as aging, stress, nutritional deficiencies and environmental pollutants can challenge the immune system.

There appears to be an increased demand for products that provide immune support and this is evident from data supplied by IMS, a pharmaceutical product database, where it can be seen that the total number of immune supportive products increased substantially with 4 500 000 packs of immune supportive products being sold in 2012 in pharmacies to over 5 900 000 packs being sold by the end of 2016 (IMS , 2016).

Immune system supporters are seasonally driven and the trend shows a sharp uptake across all brands in March and a tapering off in August. Airmune has remained firmly placed in the top 3 immune support brands in South Africa and is showing the strongest growth (IMS , 2016).

Airmune can be taken at the first sign of a cold, when full blown cold or flu is present or as a general immune supportive supplement when the consumer feels there may be extra challenges to the immune system. With 17 ingredients and in a popular effervescent form, Airmune remains a popular choice by consumers who find the product effective and continue to recommend it to friends.

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