Your partner has a cold. What do you do?

Your partner has a cold. What do you do?

You have been asked to go out on a long overdue date with the man or woman of your dreams and they call you up to tell you that they have a cold but are still happy to go out. What do you do?

For most people taking part in a survey by ovatoyou research house, 66% of respondents would rather sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn alone than go out with someone who has a cold. One can draw the conclusion many people do not want to catch a cold or the flu if it can be avoided.

When delving even deeper around the feelings in the touchy area of when to allow yourself to be exposed to someone with cold and flu or not, 17% said they would rather have a broken arm, 35% said they would rather clean their house from top to bottom and be alone and 1% said they would venture out to a restaurant by themselves to eat a meal without their sick partner.

Extreme measures were the way to go for some when they said they would rather sit in an isolation pod, felt that people with colds and flu were like “giant germs” waiting to invade and in general when asked questions about behaviour surrounding flu, most opt for a solitary existence.

For the minority, social activities still continue regardless of the presence of flu symptoms. It was also felt that people shouldn’t be punished or shunned for being ill as it is a pretty common occurrence and not life threatening for most people.

A second survey asked respondents what they would do if their hot date wiped his nose on his sleeve as he had run out of issues.  Their answering options were as follows:

a) Vomit a little in the back of your throat,

b) Hug him closer and share your popcorn,

c) Never call him again and

d) Tell him to stop and not come any closer.

The reactions were mixed with 32% saying they would hug closer and share popcorn, 35% said they would ask them to stop and not come any closer and 26% would take a more extreme stance of either never calling their date again or even vomit a little in the back of their throat.
Colds and flu are perceived to be an irritation which can spoil the fun side of life. Taking reasonable measures to reduce your risk of catching a cold such as washing hands frequently, using hand sanitiser and disposing of tissues in a hygienic way can go a long way to making sure you have a hearty fun-filled and well winter and then there is always Airmune to support your immune system. When you feel like you are coming down with the flu, or have had someone coughing and spluttering in your personal space, pop an Airmune effervescent tablet in a glass of water and drink once a day. Airmune will help you forget what it feels like to be sick.

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