Raymond’s cycle tour tips

Raymond’s cycle tour tips

It’s almost time for the big race! The Cape Town Cycle Tour is coming up and I’ve been training hard. It will be my ninth race, with my fastest time being 2h35 mins. So far this year, I’ve placed first in the Western Cape Road Champs, and first in the Killarney Night Criterium, so I’m hoping for a good performance in this race.

I’ve also written down some tips, so if you’re riding this year, this might help.

A clean bike is a fast bike, so make sure yours is in working order. The gears should be running smoothly, your drivetrain should be well lubricated before the race and brakes should be in working order.

Don’t change your bike setup the day before the race. Saddle position and cleats should be adjusted well in advance.

Meals. Many believe that pasta is the holy grail, but I prefer rice, sweet potato and a small steak the night before a race. Experiment if you like, but don’t eat heavy foods that make you bloated.

Race day food. I start the morning off with a medium sized bowl of oats topped with honey and cinnamon. On the bike I have an energy gel with caffeine every 40 minutes after the halfway mark.

Pace your race day feed. Don’t overdo it, but don’t forget to eat every 30-40 minutes. Drink all the time to avoid dehydration.

Know how to fix a puncture – it’s not difficult.

Always wear eyewear. A sport-specific set of sunglasses can save your eyes in the event of an accident where road debris can fly up from the rider in front of you.

Enjoy yourself. If it’s your first time, don’t rush it – take it easy and enjoy the day.

Ride safe, ladies and gents.

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