Jesse Kriel: Five questions

Jesse Kriel: Five questions

When it comes to 21-year-old Springbok, Jesse Kriel’s fabulous potential as a rugby player, the secret has been out for some time.

An eye-catching display at the Junior World Champs in 2014 put him on the national team’s radar. Fast forward one year, and he’s currently a Blue Bull who’s also just represented his country at the World Cup proper. Given his quick progress, it’s unsurprising that, in SA coach Heyneke Meyer’s estimation, he has “the potential to be the best outside centre South Africa has produced”.

We recently ran five questions past the Cipla Nutrition brand ambassador.

CN: You played at the Junior World Cup championship last year. In what ways have you grown since then?

JK: As a player, I think the great opportunities I’ve been given have allowed me to pick up a bit more experience. Ultimately, that’s helped me grow as a player. I’ve also worked hard, both on and off the field, to improve my skills and my conditioning.

CN: What was the mood like in the Springbok camp as you played your way into the semi-finals?

JK: The mood in the camp was great going into the semi, and we all really believed we could win. Unfortunately, the result didn’t go our way. But in terms of the overall level of both teams, I don’t think there was much difference between us and New Zealand on the day.

CN: Now that the World Cup is over, what’s the next plateau for you?   

JK: I think as a player you always want to get better and grow, and be able to contribute as much as you can to the team. Going forward, that is my biggest goal.

CN: Which Cipla Nutrition products do you use?

JK: I use most of Cipla Nutrition’s products. My favourite pre-training product is the Pump 3D XTR. It really gets me going before my training sessions. Then for my recovery I use the CN Post Workout Recover. When using the product I no longer suffer from fatigue, prolonged muscle soreness and lack of strength. 

CN: What are the potential risks of using a Sports Nutrition product? 

JK: Obviously as a professional sportsman I am wary of being tested for a banned substance. However, with Cipla Nutrition, all products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles and each batch is quality tested through a series of tests prior to release. So basically what it says on the label is in the tub and that gives me the peace of mind to make use of the product.

Interview courtesy of Cipla Nutrition


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