How I survived Man Flu

How I survived Man Flu

He’s got a cold and you just can’t understand the moaning and groaning. Luckily you have a secret weapon you might be prepared to share with him.

When you had the flu, you spent half an afternoon in bed, went to work the next day, did the grocery shopping and fetched the kids from school – and got no sympathy. And then the poor man in your life got it. A whole different story.

Say the words “ my man has flu” and you get a lot of girls around you smiling knowingly and putting their hand on your shoulder as if to say, “poor soul, I know what you are going through”.

Men are renowned for feeling more under the weather than women when they have the flu and of course we as ladies need to be ultra-sympathetic because we need these men to be up and running in no time because, well, it is just quite a burden with a sicky in bed and being nursemaid for more than a day or two.

Before you roll your eyes too much, he may deserve a little more sympathy than you think. A recent study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published in American Journal of Physiology—Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology showed that there is a possibility that men actually do get hit harder by flu than women. Yep, that’s right, believe it! Women may have a greater propensity for fighting off colds and flu due to the hormone oestrogen that could affect the flu virus’s ability to replicate.

So women definitely need to cut their man a bit of slack next time the sniffles hit and share the secret weapon that helped them nip colds and flu in the bud. Slip your man some Airmune when the moans and groans hit. Be kind and let him in on your little secret.

Read more about Airmune here.


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