Nasal spray developed to slow down Alzheimers

Nasal spray developed to slow down Alzheimers

There here is hope in the way that we can fight Alzheimer’s that could make less of a threat for future generations.

A breakthrough by a team of researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) could see patients with Alzheimer’s using a nasal spray to slow down the progression of the disease, the main cause of dementia.

Speaking to Africa Melane, lead researcher at Wits, Professor Stefan Weiss says the nasal spray is given to patients and the drug will go from the nose right into the brain.

“It will avoid the whole body, it will avoid the stomach, the normal digestive system. You apply it straight to the nose and it goes straight into the brain.”

Professor Stefan Weiss, Lead Researcher at Wits

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