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You know it’s spring when your eyes start itching, and you feel that tickle in the nose, followed by a sneeze. This means you could have what is called a hypersensitivity, unless your immune system is also involved, in which case you have an allergy.

Know The Symptoms

Your hypersensitive or allergic reaction could be triggered from protein molecules which find their way into your body like eating peanuts or shellfish, drinking caffeine, breathing in dust mites or being stung by a bee. Education regarding allergy triggers and how to avoid them where possible is an important part of allergy management.

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Medications include antihistamines, corticosteroids, mast cell stabilisers, leukotriene modifiers, decongestants and adrenaline are available in a variety of forms.

Creams are used in eczema, nasal washouts and sprays are used in rhinitis, eye drops for conjunctivitis, inhalers for asthma and injections for anaphylaxis. With good education and consistent use of allergy medication most allergy symptoms can be well controlled so that people can live full lives .