None Shall Be Denied

Cipla’s message for over 20 years, in its quest to revolutionise HIV therapy worldwide by ensuring equitable access and thereby changing it from a perceived death sentence to a chronic condition which can be managed and resulting in a near normal life.

A Dollar Per Day

In 2001, we introduced the world’s first ever recommended 3-in-1 fixed dose combination (Stavudine + Lamivudine + Nevirapine) to fight AIDS. It was made available at less than $1 per day compared to over $12,000 per patient per year prevailing in most countries throughout the world. We have done pioneering work to address the needs of every person living with HIV, from pregnant mothers to babies and from children to adults.

Know your status. Own your status. Break the stigma.

“When I first found out I was HIV positive, my first thought was “Will my children and grandchildren be condemned by people because of my status?” Inspirational individuals share their stories about living with HIV.



The HIV Cycle (Infographic)

Gesondheid, Prontuit - HIV Tips