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No one ever wants to think about worms, right? They’re nasty parasites that feed off our bodies and don’t go away unless you actively get rid of them.

Deworm Once Every Six Months

Worms are, unfortunately, a very common and normal issue for children and adults alike. Worms are everywhere and contaminate public areas such as schools and playgrounds. From the age of two years old, children and adults should be dewormed once every six months. It would be ideal to do it as a family and to have a set date to do so twice a year.

Deworming Your Family

The consequences of not deworming often lead to uncomfortable instances of stomach pain and vomiting. Repeat treatments are done twice a year because it is only the adult worm that gets killed off by medication while unfortunately; the eggs stay on in the system. Make sure to deworm your pets as well. Not only are worms uncomfortable for our animals, but they can be passed on to humans too. You should deworm your cats and dogs every 3 to 6 months.